Your Message, On Time, Every Time

What's New

Direct Integration to PipeDrive Includes:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • SMS Activity
  • Send to Filtered List of People

Chat using twoway SMS: As a user you can chat to your contacts from our new Chat page in App

New Payment Process - Just Add you card details we take care of the rest. Contact us if you want to swap over

NPS Survey and Reporting

Current Functionality

  • Inbound Message Forwarding including Message History Reporting
  • Two way SMS with Voice Activity on the Virtual Numbers
  • Basic SMS Send Functionality
  • Campaign SMS Sending
  • Contact Management
  • Auto Contact OptOut
  • feature rich import to Send process for bulk sends
  • HLR Lookup Service with API
  • MMS messaging

If you don't have access to some of the new features please call us, we will set it up for you. 1300 015 013 Opt 2

To Come

Integration to Google Search Results that show a Message Button for your customers to contact you directly

Intelli Messaging